Delivery of goods from any part of the world "turnkey"
We will pick up the cargo from your Supplier, go through customs, and unload it at the specified address
Second Hand & Stock
Used tires
Small retail

Working with Transmess Company for delivery and customs clearance of the cargo you need to do only 3 things:
What does
" turnkey delivery " mean?
Negotiate with the supplier
Send us the download/upload addresses
Send numbers for contact and communication
We'll do the rest!
Delivery to your warehouse
Preparation of documents
Customs clearance
Carrier clearance
Transport selection
We will check and clarify
all the details
We will solve important issues for you
We provide full outsourcing
We answer calls and solve any questions that arise 24/7
We will never abandon a cargo halfway, the cargo will always be cleared and delivered for unloading!
You can attend to your affairs, with us your CARGO IS SAFE
The car will definitely be there for you on the right date
We will find the right type of truck for your cargo
The route will be made considering time and budget limits
The carrier will not disappear after the prepayment is made
There will be no problems with the cargo registration
Transmess experience:
regular customers
of providing transportation services
11 years
vehicles in annual shipping operations turnover
312 auto
of delivered cargo since day one
64 900 t
the same weight as a fully loaded container ship of the Handysize class
"An example is the MSC CATERINA with a capacity of 2000-3000 TEU or 65 DWT"
Has Our own warehouse in Poland
On request, we provide temporary cargo storage services
1. We will organize logistics
2. We will pick up small size cargo
3. We will deliver everything to our warehouse in Poland
4.We will load up the cargo in one truck
If you need to load up at different points:
To discuss the delivery, send us your contact information
Or contact us directly in a convenient way
+38 063 813 9531

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